beauty salon

It all began in September 2023 with the task of adapting a previously designed beauty salon logo in Jelgava to fit a new business venture focused on manicures. Despite maintaining a cohesive visual thread, the new logo boasts a distinct description, emphasizing the individuality of our brand and ensuring a unified yet personalized representation in both locations. This strategic design approach not only enhances brand recognition but also unites the initials of the two business owners.

In december 2023 we've organised a photoshoot for brands social media platforms, capturing the unique atmosphere and beauty of services. The new visuals reflect our commitment to individuality and professionalism, adding a distinctive style to the content.
Furthermore, we took on the responsibility of curating content for the Instagram feed, ensuring a visually engaging and cohesive representation of our brand's aesthetic.
Additionally, templates for "free time" stories were developed, enhancing brand's presence on social media with engaging and consistent visual elements.

At the same time, we began developing the landing page for the brand, crafting a distinctive visual style that was subsequently extended to all brand communication channels. This holistic approach ensured a seamless and harmonious brand identity across various platforms.

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