beauty salon

In June 2022, the owner of Ant Beauty salon reached out to us, eager to embark on a complete branding journey for her upcoming salon. Our collaboration started with logo rebranding and extended to the creation of a dynamic multi-page website, meticulously presenting detailed information about each procedure. Additionally, we curated a tailored photoshoot for the website and social media channels, capturing the distinctive essence of the salon's offerings.
We've successfully crafted a cohesive and unified style for our client's social media platforms, price lists, appointment cards, gift cards, and more.
This comprehensive design approach ensures a seamless and visually appealing brand experience across various touchpoints, reflecting our commitment to creating a consistent and polished brand identity.
We dedicated two full days, investing approximately 8 hours of active work in both the studio and the salon, to conduct three distinct photoshoots. This comprehensive effort included capturing images for the website, social media content, and a product photoshoot. Our meticulous approach ensured a diverse range of visually compelling assets tailored for each platform and purpose.
The biggest part of our work was to develop a substantial 50-page, multilingual website, showcasing the brand across three languages.

Small things matter

Recognizing the founder's connection to the ant symbol and its association with her family home, our goal was to delicately enhance the logo's aesthetic.

We suggested a subtle refresh, infusing the design with a more elegant and feminine touch while preserving the integrity of the beloved ant symbol and the essence of her family's heritage. The updated logo now beautifully balances familiarity with a renewed sense of sophistication.